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Gel Documentation Systems

BIOTOP Gel Documentation System is easy to operate with simple and intuitive software.
It is an ideal system for research environments with a large number of users and can satisfy the demanding requirements in the area of quantitative and qualitative analysis of electrophoresis gels.
All of our products are CE certified and have been manufactured, inspected and tested under the control of our ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System

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- Various choice of CCD camera with reasonable price
- CE certificated, reliable
- Increased sensitivity and dynamic range
- Camera fully enclosed in darkroom, free form dust and shake
- Fully automatic Control Panel of camera and illuminators, easy operation
- Fully automatic Control through software with PC
- Protecting from UV irradiation with the design of auto shutoff UV lights when open the door.
- Bulid-in overhead white light, durable LED reflection
- Slide out tray hold UV trans-illuminator and trans-white converter plates
- Standard UV trans-illuminator wavelength 312nm, 254/365 optional
- Epi-UV optional (254/312/365nm)
- Easy to change filter, as it positioned at the top of the darkroom
- LCD screen to make easier object position and focus (only for model 750 )
- Powerful software have the function of capture , edit , analysis and database

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BIOTOP Gel Imaging System configured with the system is a sophisticated package provides comprehensive tools for image capture and analysis of gels. Capabilities include:

• Image capture
- Compatible with win98/Me/2000/xp, English version
- Full automatic control of the camera, zoom, image capture and the illuminator
- Automatic focusing, real time previewing
- Capture of image under different formats (TIFF, BitMap, JPEG, GIF…)

Image Capture

• Image edit
- Zoom in or out image infinitely
- Positive or negative image
- Rotation, vertical or horizontal mirrors, inversion
- Cut, copy, crop and paste functions
- Brightness and contrast adjustment, background subtraction
- Change of picture formats
- Add marks or comment without assistance of other software.
- The image data graph can be printed

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Image Analysis
- Automatic identification of bands and lanes
- Add or delete any band ,adjust or move any lane
- Calculation of volume, area and intensity
- Calculation of Molecular Weight and bp
- Colony counting

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Image Database
- Create different database according to user ,easy to manage amounts of the gel images
- Find the wanted image by capture time or image type
- Export your analysis results(including total amount analysis, molecular weight analysis and light density analysis ) to Word, Excel compatible file
- Printing image and report

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Thermal Cycler

SF-96 thermal cycler covers the basic requirements to meet daily experiments with stable performance and competitive price. By using the latest solid-state Peltier technology combining advanced elasticity heated lid technology, our thermal cycler can provide you a highly-precision of temperature settings, great block uniformity and a fast temperature adjustment.

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• Faster Heating

SF-96 is currently one of the best cost-effective thermal cyclers on the market. With the latest semiconductor temperature control modules, it can ensure you the correct and accurate temperature by great block uniformity and a remarkable fast temperature adjustment. SF-96 provides you a 96-position sample block with 0.2ml sample tubes. It has cylindered set design to effectively increase the speed of temperature adjustment.

• Heated lid

The heated lid has a flush fitting enclosure to ensure a complete seal, eliminating airflow across the surface of the sample block. This means that the temperature control is maintained regardless of environmental conditions. The in-lid surface is spring-mounted to ensure even contact and pressure on all lids regardless of the tube height, ensuring no condensation of water vapor on the tube lids. A specially designed, microprocessor controlled heating element, compensates the temperature fluctuations of the lid.

Double temperature control

- Sample block temperature control
Temperature control module can monitor the real-time temperature of the sample block and display the result on the screen. This mode applies to maintain a longer time PCR reaction to every step.

- Simulation sample tube temperature control
SF-96 applies an advanced software algorithms to control the temperature of the simulation sample tubes. The software can calculate the temperature of samples continually and adjust the temperature of the block to meet a consistency of the sample and the block.


Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a technique widely used in Molecular biology. As PCR progresses, the DNA thus generated itself used as a template for replication. With PCR it is possible to amplify a single or few copies of a specific DNA fragment across several orders of magnitude, generating millions or more copies of the DNA fragments. PCR is now a common and often-indispensable technique used in medical and biological research for a variety of applications.

Gel electrophoresis has been widely used to do the separation for the PCR products. Electrophoresis refers to the Electromotive force (EMF) that is used to move the molecules through the gel matrix. By placing the molecules in wells in the gel and applying an electric current, the molecules will move through the matrix at different rates, usually determined by mass, toward the positive Anode if negatively charged or toward the negative Cathode if positively charged.

Gel Documentation System can analyze and preserve the result of gel electrophoresis. It can be used to determine whether a PCR experiment is succeed or not by observing the gel imaging which has been excited by the UV lamp in a Gel Documentation System. According to the image we can carry out the progress of the DNA analysis and research. A visible and clear band means a specific DNA fragment that has been amplified specifically and effectively.

Number of Programs: 125
Max Repeats per cycle: 99
Max Segments per cycle: 99
Max Steps per program: 7
Max Maintain time: unlimited
Time Increment/Degression: 1-60s
Temperature Increment/Degression:0.1°C ~ 10.0°C
Hold for 4°C:Yes
Auto Restart: Yes
Pause/Stop: Yes
Running Time Display: Yes
Estimated Finish Time: Yes
Name File: Yes

Block Capacity:0.2ml*96wells
Display: LCD
Keyboard: Membrane soft keyboard
Size: 24x32x26cm
Weight: 10kg
Power: 350W
Block Temperature Range: 1-99°C
Max Block Heating Rate: 3.2°C/Sec
Max Block Cooling Rate 3.2°C/Sec
Block Precision: 0.1°C
Block Uniformity: =0.2°C
Block Accuracy: =0.2°C
Ramping Rate Adjustment: 0.1°C ~ 3°C
Model of Temperature Control: Sim-Tube & Block mode
Best environmental temperature: 22°C
Heated Lid
Heated lid temperature: 100°C ~ 110°C
Auto Shut-off: Yes


Key features:
- Electronic ballast
- The same model can be used for 110 or 220 volt and from 50 to 60Hz
- Reduced electrical consumption
- Unlimited filter life expectancy for 254, 312 and 365nm
- Large filter screen 21x26cm
- High performance 8-watt UV tubes
- High UV output
- Stainless steel frame
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